What Women Want in a Relationship

One of the biggest mysteries in the world among heterosexual men is the answer to what women want in a man. While it may seem a hard thing to figure out, in reality, it really isn’t that difficult. Although it may not be summed up in just one word, there are some things that all women who love men have in common when it comes to what they are looking for.

First and foremost, the majority of women want love. Not the kind of love that a man has for a friend, his mother, or his sister, but real romantic love. What women want in a man is someone who is caring, kind, affectionate, passionate, funny, committed, and faithful. That may sound like a lot to ask, but it’s true.

They also want a man who will notice the little things, like when they change their hairstyle, buy a new outfit in their man’s favorite color, or lose some noticeable weight. Women want a man who knows how to pay sincere compliments without being prodded. Nothing is more attractive to a woman than a man who sincerely feels she is beautiful and doesn’t mind saying so.

Something else in what women want in a man is to be a priority in his life. She doesn’t want to take second or even third place in his life. A woman wants to feel that she is valued and that her man WANTS to spend a lot of quality time with her. This breeds feelings of security in a relationship, and where there’s security, there’s usually no jealousy. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take some time for yourself on occasion. But it will be a lot easier to go to poker night with the guys when your woman knows that she is the only woman for you.

Women want to be the only woman in the room to her man, or at least the most beautiful woman in the room to him. This one is pretty understandable because if you claim to love her, yet you’re staring at the blonde across the room with a DD chest all night, chances are your actions are speaking louder than your words. You can still look but if you’re truly in love, you won’t even be tempted in another direction, no matter how good it may look.

Now you’ve come full circle. All of these things in what women want from men lead right back to one thing: they want to be sincerely, genuinely, truly loved.

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