Top 5 Keys To A Successful Marriage

With so many marriages failing these days, it is little wonder that most couples prefer a trial marriage or never getting married at all. However, there are some things that act as the glue to hold a marriage together. When followed regularly, these Top 5 Keys to a Successful Marriage can help you keep your marriage not only intact, but happy.

1. Acceptance.
Never marry someone with the intention of changing them. You fell in love with this person for a reason and that reason should be enough to sustain a successful marriage. Accept your spouse for whom and what they are.

2. Marriage should be a 100 percent effort on both parts.
You and your spouse should share the responsibilities equally. In that way, neither of you has to bear a heavy burden when it comes to keeping the marriage working.

3. Keep Romance Alive.
As one of the Top 5 Keys to a Successful Marriage, this shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do when you’re with someone you love. However, it can be one of those things that get shoved to the back of the shelf when there are other important things to do. Make plans for a romantic evening or getaway. If you have children, let them spend the night or weekend with their grandparents or hire a sitter. Your marriage is worth at least that much.

4. Never Take Each Other for Granted.
Most of the time it’s very easy to fall into routines with each other. Therefore, another of the Top 5 Keys to a Successful Marriage is to do everything possible to not take each other for granted. Think of how you felt when you first met. Bring those feelings back to the forefront and revel in that romantic atmosphere once again. This may help you in just appreciating what you have.

5. Cheating Does NOT Make a Marriage Better.
Believe it or not, many cheating spouses draw on that tired and very false belief that cheating can make a stale marriage more alive. This could not be more untrue. Bringing a third person into the marriage is NEVER a good idea. All you are doing is finding an excuse to cheat and break your marriage vows. This is not going to improve your marriage. It will most likely destroy it.

If you can manage to follow these Top 5 Keys to a Successful Marriage, you have an excellent chance for a lifelong love connection. Make the right choices and follow your instincts. Your marriage will be one of the ones that actually make it. - Online Dating and Comparison Site
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