Top 10 Wallet-Friendly Awesome Date Ideas

Dating has become more and more expensive these days. On top of that, it seems that finding unique dating ideas has become more difficult. If you are in the game of dating, you will feel better to know that all is not lost. Have a look at the following Top 10 Date Ideas and see how many of these may fit for you:

1. Dinner and a Movie.
This is still one of the tried and true successful date ideas. Depending on the budget, dinner can be as affordable as an upscale fast food restaurant or as expensive as a 4 star establishment. You may think about going Dutch if neither of you has a lot of money to spend on entertainment.

2. Drinks and Dinner.
One of the most calm and serene dates you can have. These work out especially well if you actually want to talk. Choose a place with a quiet and romantic atmosphere. Spend the even either getting to know each other or becoming re-acquainted.

3. A Day at the Beach.
If you live near a beach and both of you enjoy the ocean, this is one of the Top 10 Date Ideas. It can begin mid- morning and last until late afternoon. Be sure to take along a picnic and plenty of water and soda.

4. A Date for Athletic Couples.
Hiking, biking, or anything that gets you both outdoors and being active can be an excellent choice for a date that is not only fun, but inexpensive. Include in this category any sports games or activities.

5. Dinner Theater.
A lovely date can be attending a favorite or popular play that also provides a delicious dinner. This can be a bit pricier than some date activities, but it takes place all in one location, and can be very memorable.

6. Movie and Dinner at Home.
For couples who have been seeing each other for a while, this is one of the Top 10 Date Ideas that will not break the bank account.Either have takeout or one of you can cook which you can then eat in front of the television while watching a rented DVD.

7. Concert.
A concert of any type is always a great idea. For more highbrow entertainment, you both have the chance to dress up for the evening. If you are both more into rock concerts, you can have fun choosing the wildest outfit imaginable. Then go sing your heart out!

8. Dinner and Dancing.
Most women really love this kind of date. Choose your favorite restaurant and then hit a club that offers dancing music you both enjoy. It makes for a perfect night out.

9. The Zoo.
For animal lovers, this is the perfect date. Most large cities have sizeable zoos that are great to visit and spend the entire day.

10. Use your imagination.
Try to come up with unique ideas that fit both your interests and your budget. There’s no hard and fast rule that says you can’t do something different. Make some of the best memories anyone ever had. - Online Dating and Comparison Site
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