Dating Site Review is a unique online dating site which allows people to write profiles for their friends, and their friends can only change their profiles when you allow it.

If you are trying to find something a bit different when it comes to Internet dating sites, you may be interested in trying out It operates under a rather unique premise and was the idea of television presenter, Sarah Beeny, and her good friend, Amanda Christie. They were always setting up friends and playing matchmaker, so they took that idea and turned it into a new way of online dating.

The idea behind is that anyone can join as long as they have a friend to describe them. This means that you don’t have to be single in order to join the site. However, you must have a friend that you want to describe and also make a member of the site. Singles can join on their own, but they must have a friend to talk about them because you are not allowed to describe yourself. Think of it as when you have a single friend that you are trying to talk up to another of your single friends. That’s the unique premise behind

There is a free membership, but it’s quite limited. If you want to enjoy the full features of the site, there are several affordable ways to do so. All profiles are monitored for things such as unpleasant language and unsavoriness, or people who seem to have written their own profiles. Once your friend has written your profile, your approval is required before it will be published on the site. If you are single and want to register yourself, you can do that as long as you include the email of a good friend who will be writing your profile description. gives you the chance to message and chat with someone anonymously before you decide to meet them. This also gives you the chance to plan your date in a safe manner. No one will be able to see your email address or any personal details as long as you have done your part to be sure they are kept out of your profile and private messages.


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Basic Membership
◊ Receive messages from others
◊ Search for matches
◊ Make notes on certain singles
◊ Bookmark and favourite certain singles

Premium Membership
◊ Send and receive mail
◊ Save draft emails
◊ Block messages
◊ One-to-one advice
◊ Friends can recommend people to you
◊ Email notifications

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For a fun and unique online dating site experience, you may want to check out You may find it not only enjoyable, but successful as well. Just make sure your friend isn’t mean.


Free VS Paid Membership

Basic Membership Fees

Premium Membership Fees

 1 Month: Free 1 Month: £28.00
 3 Months: Free 3 Months: £55.00
6 Months: Free 6 Months: £79.00

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Personal, friendly customer service Can’t do your own profile – nothing can be added to your site without a complete approval of the single friend
Clear information on the membership costs Free membership is limited – you can’t send messages to other members, or read messages sent to you
About 9000 new members a month Video/Webcam not available
Anonymous chat Auto-renewals for subscriptions
Less expensive than many other dating sites

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