Studies Find 4 Reasons Why Men Fail At Online Dating

Online dating may have been seen as taboo or nerdy in the past, but now it’s totally mainstream and accepted as a normal way to meet new people.

Just how common is it? According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 42 percent of all Americans personally know someone involved in online dating. And as for how normal it is, 59 percent say it’s a good way to meet someone new.

While those numbers certainly favor online dating, you may have a sour taste in your mouth if you haven’t had much success.

What’s holding you back? Here are 4 reasons you may have issues:

1. Men lie too much – Many men want to make a good first impression to snag attention from the ladies, and they lie to try to make it happen.

One study found that approximately 33 percent of men lied about their age online, compared to just 17 percent of women. Beyond that, men lie more than women when it comes to height and income.

Can you get away with such lies for a little while? Sure, but if you’re looking for something serious, all of your online lies will lead to real-life trouble when it comes to building a relationship.

2. Men make lousy message writers – It’s fairly easy to assume that each woman has a fairly full inbox. Studies have shown that one of the biggest areas where men lack online is writing messages that catch attention and stand out from the rest.

Writing a simple “Hi” or nothing at all in the subject line is not a good way to snag attention. Not only does it show laziness and a minimal amount of interest, but it shows a lack of imagination and originality that will have her click “Delete” with the quickness.

3. Men concentrate too much on looks – It’s no secret that men are very visual creatures, but this can definitely backfire in the online arena.

Studies have shown that men tend to message or send interest to the most attractive women online with ease. Why? Because unlike in a bar, they don’t fear that foxy female as much, since they are simply hiding behind a screen when they make their virtual approach.

Women tend to judge men on many factors besides looks, such as intelligence, stability, and humor. In other words, they tend to spread around their interest to potential partners with whom they actually have a chance, as opposed to men who try to hit a home run every time.

4. Men don’t take it seriously enough – The Pew Study found that women are so serious about crafting the perfect profile that 30 percent had someone else write it for them. Men, meanwhile, only solicited help 16 percent of the time.

Perhaps men don’t seek as much help due to a pride issue. Regardless, since women seek the help of others and constantly test what works and what doesn’t, they have higher chances of finding love or lust online. - Online Dating and Comparison Site
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