How To Write An Online Dating Profile that Works

When you decide to join an online dating site, one of the first things you will be asked to do as a member is to write your dating profile. As this is the way that other potential members will find you and decide if you interest them or not, it’s very important that you do some of your best writing here. Following is a guide that may aid you in how to write an online dating profile that will draw some interesting people your way.

1. Be honest.

There’s nothing to be gained in making up things to put on your profile. You need to remember that you are hoping to MEET someone. Therefore, if you say you’re tall with a fit build, you better be tall and fit. If you’re 35 years old, you don’t need to put down that you’re 25 even if you look it. No matter how tempted you may be to make yourself look more impressive, don’t give into it.

2. Say what you’re truly looking for.

Here’s your chance to get just the person you want so don’t blow it, even if you feel that it will cut your options down by a lot. It’s important to consider this when thinking of how to write an online dating profile. Write down exactly what sort of person you’re looking for and don’t cut any corners about it. If you want a rocket scientist, that’s what you need to write down. You can’t blame the dating site if you aren’t going to say exactly what you want.

3. Show your personality.

This can be done through amusing little stories or anecdotes about your life that gives others the chance to see you for who you are, or in just the way you phrase the answers to the questions on the profile. Let your nature shine through when figuring out how to write an online dating profile. If you love to read, include that on your profile along with the types of books you enjoy. The same can go for movies, music, or television shows.

4. Be friendly.

There’s no reason to be shy. You’re not going to meet anyone unless you decide to, so you have nothing to fear. You have everything to gain by giving off a friendly vibe.

5. Be interesting.

Whatever hobbies or interests you have, put them out there for others to see. Chances are pretty good that you’re going find at least 1 or 2 people who will share them, even if they happen to be odd.

6. Choose a great updated photo.

When looking for the best ways in how to write an online dating profile, whatever you do, don’t try to pass off a 10 year old photo as what you look like today. Again, you’re going to be meeting potential dating candidates and they need to know what the REAL you looks like. It’s perfectly fine to take some new photos to upload but just make sure they are updated.

7. Pulling it all together.

Proofread everything you’ve written. There’s nothing worse than stating you’re a journalist or an English teacher only to find that there are glaring grammatical and spelling errors in your profile. Do any editing that’s needed and check that photo again. This is a vital part of how to write an online dating profile.

8. Publishing your profile.

Once you’ve got everything together, it’s time to publish your profile so that others can see it. Don’t be anxious or worried. Have confidence that the right people will see your profile and be emailing you soon.

Now you’re ready to start receiving and replying to emails and messages from potential dating candidates. The partner of your dreams is waiting to find you. - Online Dating and Comparison Site
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