How to Seduce a Woman Made Simple

What do women want? This question has been plaguing the minds of men for centuries. Some of you may think after you have figured them out, you still have more to learn. Well, your prayers have been answered; you’re about to learn all you need to know about how to seduce a woman right into your bedroom.


You should know up front, though, that it does not take much for you to get what you want and desire. It’s really more about saying and doing the right things to make her see you as the man she’s been waiting for.

First, you must compliment a woman!

A woman takes time in her daily schedule to make sure that her toenails and lipstick is perfect. Not for just any man, she does all of this for the right man. You should be that right man to let her know how great and sexy she looks. Compliments are just the door you need that will definitely open her up to more options and opportunities for the remaining of the day or evening.

Secondly, do small things that she might think you may never notice!

If you see a woman, and after complimenting her, you see that she has a small hair resting on her left cheek, gently brush it off with the very tip of your forefinger. Touching her cheeks sends signals to her brain; that this man is very sensitive and cares about her body.

Thirdly, offer her something!

Make her feel that she owes you nothing back in return, because if she feels she is indebted to you, she will not reciprocate the attention that you are seeking. Offer her a rose, a dance, a massage, even a drink (depending on what she fancies). Small things now can lead into bigger adventures later.

Fourthly, smell really good!

Most women love holding onto the hands of a great smelling man, and when she leans in to hug you, she walks away with the scent of you resting on her skin, her neck, her ear, even on her hair, and her manicured fingertips. Never bathe in the fragrance, but always have enough to make a lasting impression.

Lastly, listen to her wants, her needs and her desires, and make a plan of action!

Most women are too shy to create her fantasies on date number one. However, if you keep repeating all of the above rules, she will gladly give in to all of the sensual seductions that you have imprinted on her heart, mind and body. Yes, her body will start thinking more about you than her brain. She will find herself thinking about you more than she thinks about herself, and her dreams will be filled with you.

All women out there are always looking for their Romeo, but if you are a seducer, then it’s better for you to let her think of you as her WHOA-meo!

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