How Taking a Break in a Relationship Works

If you happen to have been a fan of the television show “Friends” you will most likely remember the episode where Ross thought he and Rachel were on a break. You may also remember just how much trouble all of that caused between the 2 of them. All of that may make you feel that taking a break is the wrong thing to do unless you won’t want to be with that person ever again.

There actually ARE some instances where it is healthy to take a break from your relationship. Sometimes you are suddenly spending too much time together and you start to feel smothered. This can be responsible for many things such as arguing and bickering constantly, going to sleep mad at each other, and getting up in the morning feeling the same way. Everything your partner does starts to get on your very last nerve, and they feel the same way about you. This would indicate that it’s time to consider taking a break.

Another time you may want to think about a trial separation period is when boredom sits in and you just can’t seem to shake it. It seems that nothing works and it’s getting to the point where neither of you want to be around each other. This may be due to needing some time apart so you can appreciate each other again. You need time to miss each other and this cannot be accomplished if you are together for hours every day.

Don’t let your relationship get stagnant. If you find that happening, you need to do whatever possible to see if there is something really wrong, or if you can regain any ground you may have lost in the relationship. This is when it’s time to think about taking a break. Don’t have any contact with each other for a determined amount of time. Maybe see other people or just hang out with friends during that time. At the end of the determined period of time, try meeting for dinner or something and see where you each stand. If things feel right, investigate what you need to do to make the relationship return to the happier days together.

Many times, when you take a break from each other, you’ll find that it was the right thing to do. You may also find that the time apart will show you that this is not the relationship for you. While that may be a bit sad, at least it’s something that you found out so you and your ex-partner can now move on in life. - Online Dating and Comparison Site
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