How To Spot A Cheat

Not as easy as it seems, but spotting a cheating person on online dating sites needs a bit of experience. For those without that experience and for anyone who is looking for signs, read on…

A cheat may be a man or woman, so men, do not think it is always reversed. In my experience, it is men who are looking more often to cheat.

However, beware the wayward woman. One of the first things that should spark doubt is the refusal to give you any other telephone number to call other than his cell number. This person may also be very vague about where they live. No one who has nothing to hide will be vague, especially a single man.Another is the inability to meet you in the evenings or during certain times of the day. Of course if this person is a working person, give latitude for that. Find out what type of work that online dater does and go from there. Most cheaters find it very hard to get out just any old evening. If he/she is in a relationship, it is hard for them to find continued excuses for going out in the evening. Your Saturday nights will probably be alone, and believe me, unless you verify that he works on that night, he is out with his wife/significant other.

Many men/women are in relationships that are not sexually satisfying. They do not want to leave their spouses, but just want some excitement “on the side”. No strings attached. You, as the unsuspecting person, are vulnerable, especially if you find the man/woman nice, pleasant, fun to be with.

Most cheaters are very glib and find myriad excuses why they cannot be with you on a certain day or time. They tell you how much they care to keep you going. Please do not get involved with such a person. It could only lead to heartbreak.

Remember, not all people are out there to cheat, they are in just as much need to find someone to share their lives with as you are. Just be aware of the signs.

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