How To Seduce A Man

There are never enough ways to seduce a man. Generally, all men love the time and attention from a pretty and sexy woman. You have all of the characteristics and tools within yourself to pursue the man of your dreams and make him scream your name!

Eight Steps to Seducing a Man:

1. Be Confident!

Confidence is a trait that all women must possess when having their sights on a particular hot target. Contrary to popular belief, men love a confident woman, not a cold woman. A cold woman has an” I love ME” attitude. A confident woman is an “I want YOU attitude!”

2. Be Clean!

Yes, when you have the target and you are sharing with him your naked nature, he will want to place his head in many intimate places, which will keep things very fun and very adventurous for you both.

3. Be in Character!

If you are shy, try to be the opposite, in a very seductive way. It’s good to come to a date or a no strings meeting with just a rain coat and a pair of heels, he will be saluting you with more than his hands!

4. Be Ready to Coach!

You just might want a guy who is shy, reserved, and who may need some training on what to do and where to do it. Don’t be afraid to offer guidance.

5. Be Caring!

No man likes a selfish woman! Show him that you care, that you actually want to know all about him. If you stroke his ego, more stroking will follow and you will have him in the palm of your hands!

6. Be Clever!

Seduction starts from visual to mental with a man. Once he sees what he likes, then his mind gives him all of the right kinky signals to put the dart in the bull’s eye! You are that bull’s eye!

7. Be Courageous!

It’s always great to be ready to approach the kind of man that you want! Never let fear be your cloak. Carry your courage banner and tell that man that you want him, and make your signals very clear. He will respond in a positive way!

8. Be Ready to Get What You Want!

After you have done all of the above and even more, be ready to have the man of your dreams doing all the things that you have ever imagined. You are going be glad that you did and you will have the time of your life!

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