How To Deal With Online Harassment

If you have someone who is annoyingly persistent and you want this to stop, here is some advice on how let that person down gently and firmly. If you have shared your private email address and you are getting lots of unwanted mail, then you can do one of two things. The first is to tell this person that you are not interested.

There are times that the persistent one will not accept this at all.The online dater is very often looking for someone out off loneliness and since you gave him or her your private email, it appeared at first as if you were also interested in him or her.Secondly, learn to block incoming mail. This is very important. I would also advise never to start an IM site. You might find this person on your IM account day and night. This too, can be attended to by blocking his or her IM.

Unfortunately, there are also people who join online dating sites in order to cheat on their current spouses, significant others, etc. If you are on a singles online dating site, advise this person that you are not interested and use the singles online dating site to block the writer.Persistent online dating people are usually extremely alone and frightened to be alone and they will continue this type of behavior unless you do something about it. Do not be fearful of reporting anyone or blocking someone. They do not know where you are…unless you tell them. Do not post or share any personal information on your profile e.g. address, where you work so as to minimize the potential for annoyingly persistent people.Online dating is a wonderful source for finding someone special to be in your life, but do remember to go slowly. If the person on the other side does not want to go slowly and insists upon meeting immediately, please use that as an alert for yourself. Anyone serious about getting to know you will be glad to go as slowly as you want.

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