How To Deal With Jealousy

Typically, in most relationships that green eyed monster is going to rear its ugly head at some point in time. Jealousy can occur when you least expect it. This relationship destroyer can hit even if you’ve never been jealous before. You need to be ready to handle it when it DOES pop up.

When a couple feels secure in their relationship, there is usually little reason to worry about anything if one or the other partner looks at someone who is very attractive. For example, the male in the relationship spots an amazingly beautiful woman that he just can’t seem to take his eyes off of. An insecure woman would worry, become angry and possibly make a scene, complete with loud accusatory remarks that can be heard by anyone in the vicinity. Jealousy has entered the relationship.

Men go through this, too. If they see another man who they perceive as being better looking than they are and this man happens to be checking out their women, it can get ugly. The reaction can be anything from pouting to becoming confrontational. This can happen even if their partners are not paying attention in the least to this other man’s observance.

Other ways of being jealous in a relationship is when one of the partners feels that they are not being given enough attention. Or they feel that their partners are putting other things ahead of them. This can range from work, children, or friends, to hobbies and extracurricular activities. People who have personalities that make them feel entitled are going to have much more trouble in staying in a successful relationship. These people should also never become parents because they have issues sharing the spotlight even then.

There are ways to eliminate jealousy in a relationship but the most important thing is that each partner feels secure. This means that they do not have any doubts when it comes to their partners’ feelings for them and there is complete trust between them. Both of you need to understand that if neither of you have never done anything to cause a breach of trust, there is most likely no reason to stop trusting now.

Be realistic. There will always be someone out there more attractive than you are. However, your partner chose to be with YOU. It is perfectly natural to enjoy the beauty of another person. It’s like looking at pictures in a magazine or watching a movie with great looking actors in it. You certainly wouldn’t expect your partner to NOT watch the movie or look at the magazine because they might catch a glimpse of a gorgeous person. Besides, you should always remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your partner finds you beautiful and that’s all you need to think about. It may stave off that jealousy.

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