How To Deal With Fake Pictures

Yes, you meet someone after “talking” on line for a while and you exchange photos and who shows up does not look anything like the photo, or it is so old that it bears just a faint resemblance to the person sitting opposite you in the coffee shop. What to do about the person you meet who does not look like the person you were supposed to meet from the internet dating site?


Be honest, and remind yourself of the photo you shared on the internet site, and be sure that you were honest before you talk about it.

Yes, you will meet many people who were sure you would not meet them if they showed you what they looked like today. These are folks who are a bit shy and worried about whether they will be accepted for who and what they are. Remember this too, if you really enjoyed the “conversation” back and forth, these are the same people with whom you have been corresponding. If you feel put off by this deception, and many do, then be honest, tell the truth and never lead someone on. This is also deception.

If you can get by this, ask why the photo was not current, or use an expression similar to that. You will probably get an answer to that which will reveal even more about this internet dating partner you are meeting. Many people are shy and worried about dating on the internet and many use these sites to have companionship. Do not be put off by one deception, there are too many wonderful people out there who would very much like to meet you.

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