How To Attract Women

How to attract women is probably one of the most popular questions ever asked. The answers vary, depending on who you ask. One thing most agree on, though, is the chemistry between a man and a woman. It is instantaneous: it’s either there or it’s not. If you are picking up a lukewarm reception, then you must pull out the big guns. Your number 1 weapon is humor.

Not just any old humor, but sexy humor!

Every little girl was told when they were little that Johnny was picking on her because he liked her. While never to be taken to the extreme, a little friendly picking on is how to attract women.

How to do this? It’s actually pretty simple. Pick something about her or the situation then exaggerate it in a way that she has to call you on it. Just something light, as in “I dreamt of my soul mate last night and she looks just like you!” Yes, she may take a swing at you, but if she does, she’s going to feel that spark you just ignited!

To flame that smolder, you next want to come across as one confident funny guy. There’s nothing sexier than confidence. Well, there is, but you are not there yet. How to attract women with confidence will become second nature as you learn to put it into practice. When you enter a room, do it with confidence. Every woman in the room will be checking you out as you arrive. No matter the situation, always have a smile to share. Watch the body language. Your tough guy stance with your buddies is not the right approach with women. Don’t cross your arms or hold your drink in front of your chest. This says you are defensive.

How to attract women when hanging out with your friends also takes some thought. Still, having a friend around to bounce off of and show your social skills can work in your favor. Don’t travel in large groups, though. That can be intimidating.Are you working your look? Grooming is never going to go out of style. Along with your humor and confidence, your look needs to be well tended. Clothes need to be clean and fit well. Develop your own style. Looking hot makes you feel hot! Check your attitude at the door. A sexy guy has no reason to put others down or display something nasty like jealousy. Walk a little slower, hold the head up, and remember that easy smile.

How to attract women becomes easier as you get in some practice. Becoming more certain of who you are and how you want to come across is naturally attractive. Women are quicker to trust a man that is certain of himself.

Getting past your past is key here. Realize the past is just that and let go of it. There is nothing sexier than an emotionally available man and, by all means, as you get to know her better, let your true self show!

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