How To Ask Someone Out

There isn’t any one right way of asking someone out on a date but there are a few good ways of getting yourself ready to get to it and making it work out for you.

One thing you should always remember is to be yourself. You don’t want to ask someone out, and then have them find out around the third or fourth date that everything you told them was a lie. That never seems to work out.

Be Honest!

Always be honest with yourself and the person you are going to ask out on a date. If you start your conversation on a lie, it will be harder to keep them interested in you. If you are honest and forthcoming you will find that asking them out will be much easier, and they will more than likely say yes when you do.

Don’t be pushy!

This can’t be stressed enough. Do not sit there and force them to go on a date with you. It won’t work out well, and even if you do get a date, you probably won’t get a second one.

Flashy doesn’t work.If you think wearing a certain amount of money on your person is going to get the girl, you are probably wrong. Dressing nice and looking presentable is one thing, but wearing 24k gold chains and Rolexes and flashing them around like you own the town is going to make you look like a creep. Don’t do it.

Just ask!

If you want to ask someone out on a date and you seem to be getting along, then just ask. Be polite and have some common sense. When you do, it will go a long way. Don’t insist on dinner and a movie; instead, ask them out for lunch or coffee. This shows that you are interested but not looking for anything more than conversation. This will make a woman feel comfortable with you.

Get to know them.Ask them questions and see where it goes from there. Listen to everything they say, even if you aren’t all that interested in it. Most women want a man that will listen to them and understand where they are coming from. If you can’t be bothered with listening to them and insist on talking about you all night long, you probably won’t make it very far towards getting a date. Keep an eye out for the dreaded emergency phone call that they will be getting any moment now.

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