Flirting Tips For Women

When it comes to the art of flirting, most people will agree that women invented it. Therefore, it may seem a bit odd that there would be any need for flirting tips for women, but there are many women who are shy or just really nervous about flirting for various reasons. These women will welcome any help they can get in this area. Following are some useful flirting tips that are tried and true for many years.

Flirting Tips For Women
1. Use your eyes especially if they are exceptionally beautiful.

Even they aren’t anything particularly special, you can make them appear that way through the use of some excellent makeup techniques. When a man is talking to you, keep your eyes directly on his, but look up through your lashes. You want him to focus on your eyes and become mesmerized by them.

2. Inanimate objects can often become very useful when it comes to flirting.

For example, if you’re at a party or a bar and you have a drink, make sure you’re using a straw. Looking your target right in his eyes, slowly wrap your lips around your straw and start sipping your drink. You can keep playing with that straw and get a lot of mileage out of it. Sucking on small ice cubes from the drink also works.

3. Smile.

This is one of the sexiest things a woman can do, particularly when she has a luscious mouth emphasized by a lickable lipstick. Occasional discreet lip licking is also another dazzler.

4. Smell.

When talking to a man you want to flirt with, lean in as if you’re trying to hang onto every word. It gives you a chance to get closer and lets him get a sniff of your amazing perfume. Speaking of perfumes, this can be one of the best flirting tips for women you can come up with. But keep it subtle and sexy. You don’t want him choking in a cloud of fumes.

5. Touching while talking is good.

Not full body hugging, but something along the lines of light fingertip touching to the arm or chest. Use the conversation to do appropriate touching and you’ll get your point across.

6. Don’t be obvious.

It’s fine if the guy figures out that you’re flirting but you want it to be so subtle that he kind of wonders if that’s what you’re doing or not.

You can use any of these tips or put them all together at once. You’ll find that you’ve become a pro at flirting in no time.

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