Beginner’s Guide To Online Dating

If you are new to the world of online dating, something you may be eager to find is a beginner’s guide to online dating. In general, a guide of this type will share with you the things you need to know to survive successfully when searching online for a date. Following are some tips to help you get on the path to finding that perfect date online:

1. Be honest in your profile.

Always tell the truth about yourself when you’re trying to land a date online.If you’re tempted to add a few inches to your height, or shave off a few pounds of your actual weight, keep in mind that you’re going to be meeting some of these people. They will notice immediately that you’re 5 inches shorter than you said and 50 pounds more than you indicated. It will be obvious to the person you’re meeting that you’re not only dishonest, but also very insecure about yourself.

2. Always use an updated photo of yourself.

It may be tempting to use a photo that is older and really flattering, but don’t do it. You need to show any potential dating candidate what you look like NOW, not what you looked like in the past. Think how humiliating it would be to make a date with someone who saw the past picture and then have that person sneak out because they saw the real you. In addition, you wouldn’t want anyone to do that to you, would you?

3. Get to know your prospect.

Before agreeing to meet someone in person, get to know them through email, online chat, webcam chat or telephone. It’s much easier to feel comfortable when you have spent some time actually getting acquainted first. Also, you will probably feel safer if you decide to meet this person.

4. Take safety precautions.

People are pretty good at pretending online. Many times, even if you have done everything right, you can be fooled by the way someone has portrayed him or herself. Don’t give out your address too quickly. Meet someone at the location of the date. Make sure that location is not in a secluded spot. You can even take along a friend who will be visible until you give the signal that you’re comfortable. This also lets your date know that someone is aware of you being with that person.

5. Don’t obsess.

If you find someone who you truly like, but the feeling doesn’t seem to be reciprocated, don’t push it. For whatever reason, that person didn’t feel connected to you. The best thing you can do is keep looking and let that one go. It’s better to not keep harassing them for an explanation of why they weren’t as drawn to you as you were to them. Sometimes it just works out that way. In the sea of online dating, there are PLENTY more fish to choose from.

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