10 Tips To Successful Online Dating

1. Be honest.
The objective of online dating is to meet someone offline. If you haven’t been totally honest online, it will be more than obvious on your first date!

2. Be alluring.
Give enough information to make prospective dates want to get in contact with you but not too much information that will scare them away. They really don’t need to know that you have picked the names of your future children. Really, too much information!

3. Keep you profile secure.
Do not post personal information on your profile. Would you give your mobile number and address to a complete stranger on the street?

4. Stay focused.
If you don’t fancy your prospective date in their profile picture, the chances are you won’t fancy them in real life. After all, this is their best photo!

5. On your first date arrange to meet in a public place.
This is in the interest of your safety but you can also get an idea of what type of person they are and where they want to take you on your date.

6. Take it offline relatively quickly.
Don’t get sucked into an email / IM romance. This creates a false impression in your head of your prospective date and you will probably be left feeling disappointed.

7. Don’t mould yourself into someone else’s dreamboat.
It’s easy to become someone else’s perfect match through chatting to them about their interests.

8. Take control.
Online dating can be quite addictive at the beginning – don’t let it take over your life.

9. Be safe.
Let your friends and family know where you are going and who you are going with.

10. Trust your instincts and be brave.
If they are nice but you are not sure, go on a second date but after that, if it’s going nowhere then ‘no thanks!’ There are plenty more fish in the online dating sea.

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